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The Joint Stock Company Saint Petersburg Research and Design Institute ATOMENERGOPROEKT (JSC SPbAEP) is a highly efficient company, which provides on a free-market basis engineering services for turnkey construction of modern nuclear power plants. In world practice such activity is termed EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) and includes justification of investment, survey activities, design, supply of equipment, construction, erection and plant commissioning.

All shares of JSC SPbAEP have been transferred to JSC ATOMENERGOPROM, the company consolidating enterprises of the civil nuclear industry of Russia.

Company history


The history of JSC SPbAEP dates back to September 1, 1929, when by the order of the State Trust ENERGOSTROY the Leningrad Hydraulic Engineering Bureau was transformed into a division of the State Trust ENERGOSTROY to perform design and survey activities for the construction of hydroelectric and thermal power plants.

In the process of design work for power plants and facilities, development of design and engineering practices and perfection of interaction between specialized sectors the division became an established design office. Designs were developed for Kazan HPP-1, Novosibirsk HPP-2, Kemerovo state district power plant, and other facilities.

In 1932 the design division of the State Trust ENERGOSTROY was transformed into an independent trust named TEPLOELEKTROPROEKT with three branches (Central Branch in Moscow, North-West Branch in Leningrad and South-East Branch in Kharkov). Kazan HPP-1, Kemerovo state district power station, Novosibirsk HPP-2, Voronezh HPP-1, Komsomolsk HPP-2, Balkhash HPP, Artyom state district power station, Kemerovo HPP and other plants designed by the company were commissioned and started to operate.

In July and August 1941 special integrated design teams were created and sent with archive materials to the sites of the large power plants in the eastern regions of the USSR to continue work on design documentation. In 1941–1945 Karaganda state district power station-1, Norilsk HPP-1, Novosibirsk HPP-3, HPP of the Krasnoyarsk Machine Works, Kirov HPP-3, Krasnoyarsk HPP-1 and other plants were put into operation.

After the war, damaged and destroyed combined cycle power plants and substations were restored. The total power of facilities put into operation at power plants of the USSR was 3,289,000 kW and that of facilities commissioned in Poland 381,000 kW. In 1951 the office was transformed into the Leningrad Division of the All-Union State Design Institute TEPLOELEKTROPROEKT (LOTEP).
The world’s first nuclear power plant, for which LOTEP designed the turbine hall, was commissioned in 1954 in the town of Obninsk.

The total power of facilities designed by LOTEP for power plants and put into operation in 1956–1986 was: 25,068,000 kW in the USSR, including facilities in total rated at 7,886,000 kW for nuclear power plants; 9,155,000 kW in Poland, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Egypt and other countries, including facilities in total rated at 4,100,000 kW for nuclear power plants.
Beloyarsk NPP, Kola NPP and Leningrad NPP, for which LOTEP designed the turbine hall and outdoor switchgear, were put into operation. The following plants designed by LOTEP were put into operation abroad: Dukovany NPP in the Czech Republic, В1 and В2 NPPs in Slovakia, Loviisa NPP in Finland. In 1982 LOTEP was renamed LOATEP. In 1986 the Leningrad Division of the All-Union State Research and Design Institute ATOMENERGOPROEKT (LOAEP) was formed on its basis.

In late 1991 LOAEP becomes an independent organization named Leningrad Institute ATOMENERGOPROEKT, which in 1993 was renamed St. Petersburg Institute ATOMENERGOPROEKT (SPbAEP). Designs were developed for Beloyarsk, Kola, Kursk and Kostroma nuclear power plants in Russia, Juragua NPP in Cuba, Zarnowiec NPP in Poland, Mohovce NPP in Slovakia and Temelin NPP in the Czech Republic. In 1989 work was started on the design of new generation nuclear power plant with VVER-640 reactor.

These years were the time of upgrading and technical re-equipment of Kola, Beloyarsk, Kursk and Leningrad nuclear power plants.
Within the framework of the state research and engineering program “Environment friendly energy”, extensive work was performed on the development of the basic design of new generation nuclear power plant with medium power units of the type VVER-640.
Based on this design, feasibility study for Far East NPP, technical design for Kola NPP-2, feasibility study for the North-West Scientific and Industrial Atomic Center in the town of Sosnovy Bor in the Leningrad Region were issued and approved.

Contract for construction of Tianwan NPP with two reactors VVER-1000 was secured. The design of this plant met European NPP Safety Requirements EUR(C) and provided specific features and functions to ensure safety in the event of a beyond-design-basis accident including when accompanied by severe core damage.

The Institute started developing working drawings for Power Unit 4 of Beloyarsk NPP with reactor FR-800. The design of reactor FR-800 inherited all the basic features of reactor FR-600. At the same time reactor plant FR-800 was designed using conceptually new approaches to enhance safety of fast reactors.

SPbAEP became an engineering company. On July 1, 2008 the Institute was transformed into a joint stock company. The Company was awarded state contract for construction of two power units of Leningrad NPP Stage 2, the immediate reference being the Tianwan NPP in China, designed by SPbAEP, the commercial operation of which started in 2007.


JSC SPbAEP today has:


  • more than 80 years of successful work
  • about 1800 highly experienced specialists
  • participation in design work for 118 power plants including 18 nuclear power plants
  • projects successfully implemented in 19 countries
  • certified quality management system ISO 9001
  • branches in Sosnovy Bor (Leningrad Region) and Moscow
The Company’s mission


JSC SPbAEP carries out full range of works for construction of nuclear facilities to produce safe and pure energy. Developing its inner potential and meeting the world’s expectations, JSC SPbAEP aspires to become a leading engineering company providing full spectrum of services for construction of nuclear facilities not only in Russia, but also all over the world.

Company’s performance indicators

  2008  2009  2010 
Proceeds (taking into consideration subcontractors), mln. rubles 5 151 11 166 10 321
Proceeds (own forces), mln. rubles 2 014 3 856 3 891
Net profit, mln. rubles 203 974 792
Net assets, mln. rubles 648 1 574 1 642

Number of employees (persons)

  2008  2009  2010 
Total number of empoyees 1 492 1 730 1 817
Number of employees under 35 525 664 721


Staff composition (%)

  2008  2009  2010 
- management  7 9 9
- specialists 84 82 83
- office staff 2 2 2
- workers 7 7 6



Social policy of the Company


The Company’s social safety net helps to attract highly experienced specialists, lower the turnover of employees and develop corporative culture.

Social benefits are provided in accordance with the Collective Labor Agreement and include:

  • labor protection and health services for employees including voluntary health insurance,
  • creation of conditions for rest and improvement of health for employees and members of their families, organization of cultural, sports and recreative events,
  • welfare assistance to employees and retired veterans,
  • social support for young specialists and retired veterans.


Youth policy of the Company


Priority goals of the Company’s youth policy are to develop professional skills and business abilities of young specialists, to attract them to the economic, social and cultural life of the Company, and to improve the youth social security system.

The Company’s Youth Nuclear Association has been actively working since 1998 to create favourable conditions for multifaceted development of young specialists, formation of additional motivation factors, team building, development of corporative culture and labour ethics.

The Company’s current projects


At present JSC SPbAEP is the General Contractor and the General Designer of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant, Stage 2, reactor type VVER-1200. Power unit 4 of the Beloyarsk NPP with a BN-800 reactor, designed by the Company, is under construction in the Sverdlovsk Region. The advanced design BN-1200 is currently under development. The Company is also the General Designer of the Baltic NPP, reactor type VVER-1200, which is now under construction in the Kaliningrad Region. The latter project differs from the others in that for the first time in the history of the Russian nuclear power industry private foreign investors are invited to participate in the project.


JSC SPbAEP is the nuclear island general designer of the Tianwan NPP second stage in China. For Bushehr NPP in Iran JSC SPbAEP designed the turbine hall.


JSC SPbAEP also participates in projects for renovation and life extension of the operating power units of the Kola, Beloyarsk, Kursk, Smolensk and Leningrad nuclear power plants as well as of some other power facilities in Russian Federation.

JSC SPbAEP Annual Report for 2010

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